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Goldee Light Controller

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Intelligent light that
caters to you.


A day with Goldee begins with a tranquil Sunrise Alarm.

Smart Off turns your lights off when you leave home.

Smart On illuminates your lights upon your arrival.

For extra comfort, Goldee works with a smartphone as well.
apple android

Sleep Timer gradually fades your lights and prepares you for sleep.

Night Mode turns dim light on to help you get around at night.

Smart Security simulates your presence while you are gone.

Engineered to impress.

Gorilla® Glass

Although you never have to touch it, Goldee's faceplate is engineered from Gorilla Glass – ensuring extra durability and scratch resistance.

Gesture Control Chip

An innovative chip that responds to your gestures, allowing you to control your lights with the wave of your hand.

Ambient Sensor

Continuously monitors the light conditions in the room to ensure optimal brightness of your lights.

Amoled Display

The true black of our AMOLED display gives a beautiful frameless design without distractive edges.

Proximity Sensor

It notes when you are around and depending on the context it responds with the suitable smart function.

Polycarbonate body

A thin yet durable polycarbonate body gives Goldee a sleek and minimalistic design.

Back Panel

Covering all wiring and power supply, the back panel is an elegant base to secure Goldee to your wall.

Goldee works with

lifx ilumi philips hue

Get started

Goldee can replace any classical light switch

Installing Goldee is a simple do-it-yourself project. It is like fitting any standard light switch. In very rare cases, installing a neutral wire may be required. Goldee Support will be happy to help you out should you run into any hiccups. If you feel uncomfortable swapping your light switch yourself, you can call a local electrician.

Goldee can control your regular
bulbs as well

If you don't have enough smart LEDs or simply wish to keep some of your regular light bulbs, Goldee has it covered. Regular bulbs, however, can't create colorful light or perform smart functions.

Use smart LEDs for colorful
and smart light

With smart LEDs you will gain access to our colorful light scenes and smart features—these are all the marvellous little things that your lights could not do until now. Goldee supports all smart LEDs, including LIFX, Philips hue, and ilumi.

For today and for tomorrow

Our light artists are continuously expanding Goldee’s Lighting Library with hundreds of exciting light scenes to enhance your relaxing, working, or romantic moments. Each light scene is a dynamic piece of art with ever-changing colors. Goldee is upgradable, so you can stay up-to-date with our newest light scenes and smart features. The adventure has just begun…