Goldee App 2.0 FAQ

Joseph Fuker Joseph Fuker

We received tons of positive feedback for updating the Goldee app. You are amazing, guys! In this blog post we'd like to take the opportunity to answer some of the most common questions that arose.

1. Why does Goldee request access to my microphone?

We understand that there is more than just one way to make an app run in the background. We’d like to show you why we chose the microphone option.

Standby time:

Iphone app preview

We want you to have the best possible experience. We think this is the best way to achieve it.

2. Why is there a red status bar pulsing on the top of my screen?

This is how Apple notifies you that there is an active app running in the background with access to your microphone.

3. Can I disable the background feature?

No, it’s not possible to disable the background feature. This feature was heavily requested by our users. We took their feedback seriously and put all our efforts in delivering the best possible background solution.

4. How do I update my Philips hue bridge?

In order to update your Philips hue bridge you need to complete these few steps:

  1. Download the original Philips hue app from the App Store (download here)
  2. Open the Philips hue app and go to Settings
  3. Select My bridge
  4. Click on Check for updates
  5. Hit the Update button
  6. Return back to Goldee

5. Which scenes are dynamic?

If you pay close attention you’ll notice that every scene is dynamic. Some scenes though are more subtle than others.

6. Can I turn dynamic scenes into static light?

This is not possible. In nature light has never been static. We strive to bring dynamic light back to your home. Making it static would be against our philosophy.

7. When is LIFX support coming?

We are working on implementing LIFX support for you guys. It’ll be out there in one of our upcoming updates.

8. Can I use Spotify while using Goldee?

Yes, but you first need to run Goldee app and then turn Spotify on.

Joseph Fuker
Joseph Fuker Senior Software Architect.
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