Goldee App 2.0 Now Holds 40+ Features

Stan Luzbetak Stan Luzbetak

We’ve listened to you guys, to you who use our app. Goldee now keeps running in the background so you can continue enjoying the beauty of dynamic light. We’ve worked nonstop to bring you the features you’ve been asking for, resulting in 40 new features.

Running in the background

Iphone app preview

Apple regulations are very strict yet we did everything so you can always enjoy your favorite dynamic light scene. We love Apple for its regulations. They make a lot of sense in bringing everybody a consistent user experience. That’s why a red notification is always letting us know what’s happening in the background.

Striking design

We strive for minimalism so we designed Goldee as simple as we could. We made switching between rooms more intuitive. The “golden ratio” was adopted for all light scenes images, making each of the picture bigger. Goldee is in Parallax for visual pleasure.

New functions

Since beauty is pointless without substance, Goldee app has increased functionality. Now you can switch light scenes across two or more devices at once, so long as they are on the same Wi-Fi. You can even turn all the lights off in your house now with our new “All Lights Off” feature.

Quicker and smarter in many ways

Iphone app preview

Goldee now starts 30% faster and runs 50% faster than it’s predecessor. Now you can login even quicker by the option of logging in through Facebook. Additionally, you’ll never lose your dynamic lighting again when your Wi-Fi has hiccups. Even if Wi-Fi is lost, Goldee keeps running for up to five minutes trying to reconnect until the connection is found.

Conserves energy

Many of our improvements for the update were focused on using less of your battery. We added an “Intelligent Switch Off” so that Goldee quits automatically when you turn off your lights using the wall switch.

Enjoy two new light scenes

We added two more dynamic light scenes, one of which you voted for on Facebook. Enough talking, head to the App store and try it out now!

Stan Luzbetak
Stan Luzbetak Product Director. “Light as a new genre of art."