Remarkable Family Moments With Goldee

Katka Legnavska Katka Legnavska

From our app to the controller, we have been building every part of Goldee with the dream of changing the way how people interact with light. Like Nest and other smart home products, we strive to improve life quality for everyone, especially our users. So naturally our hearts were touched when we heard this beautiful story from one of our users, Ryan, who uses the Goldee app to help soothe his newborn son, Isaac.

On top of the usual responsibilities and sleepless nights most parents with newborn babies face, Ryan and his wife have some extra challenges with caring for their son.

"After Isaac entered the world, he was hospitalized for 2 weeks because of a massive stroke, causing him to suffer from seizures. Medical treatment and some reliable prescriptions had to be done to help Isaac cope with his seizures. Later on, we were finally able to take our young son home."

Like any good parents, they both began searching for the best ways to take extra care of Isaac, trying to make him as comfortable and happy as possible. Infants are especially sensitive to light, and with Isaac’s condition they wanted to take extra consideration to ensure he always gets good rest.

Ryan first had purchased the Philips hue light bulbs to create a relaxing mood for his wife during her pregnancy (what a good husband!). Although the Phillips hue app had worked fine for them, it was just “really nice light changing lightbulbs that could be controlled with our iPhones,” said Ryan. Bringing Isaac home after the stroke and seizures, they sought to better understand how to cope with his medical conditions. And so Ryan and his wife started to look for apps that would allow them to better control the smart light bulbs they had purchased. When they found the Goldee app, they jumped on it.

Goldee Controller
“Having a crying newborn at 2AM is enough to deal with on top of the added stress of potential future seizures. The Goldee app allows us to set the mood in Isaac’s nursery and dim the lights down to help him sleep throughout the night.”

Unlike the other apps on the market for the hue bulbs, which change colors more abruptly than with fluid changes, “the dynamic nature of Goldee is far superior to just static color” for Ryan and his family. When talking to them more, they told us they’re not only using it for helping Isaac sleep at night, but also for creating a warm and friendly environment during his therapy sessions and playtime.

“The Goldee app has created so many memorable moments for our family because it was the app that lit our home.”

We always enjoy hearing from our users how Goldee app takes little part of their everyday life. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more stories from users like Ryan who use the Goldee app. Do you have your own story to tell? Feel free to share it with us at [email protected].

Katka Legnavska
Katka Legnavska Marketing Associate for Community Engagement.
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