Why Goldee App is the Cat’s Meow

Katka Legnavska Katka Legnavska

We received another joyful story from one of our users, Bas. Recently Bas picked out 2 cute kittens to bring home. One of the kittens was still very young and needed to stay with her mother longer, and so Bas waited longer to take that kitten home.

“Because the two kittens had been separated for a while and no longer recognized each other, the older kitten was very aggressive with the younger one when we brought her home.”

Bas began to get worried that his two kittens might not be able to get along. But after using the Goldee app on his iPhone he noticed a surprising change: when Goldee app was on the kittens began to relax and got along.

Goldee Controller

After several days of calming the little kitties down with tranquil lighting, the warlike kittens began to cuddle on the couch together. Now the two kittens are best friends and play with each other every day.

We always enjoy hearing from our users how Goldee app takes little part of their everyday life. Do you have your own story to tell? Feel free to share it with us at [email protected].

Katka Legnavska
Katka Legnavska Marketing Associate for Community Engagement.
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