We've set ourselves a pretty ambitious goal - to give our customers an intelligent lighting system that adapts to their lives. Goldee smart light controller is packed with sensors and replaces your current light switch. It brings a natural ambience back to your home. Our Goldee app also enjoys huge popularity amongst its users.

The journey to achieve our ambitious goal doesn't stop here. At this point we present our pitch deck to investors who want to join our journey. In our pitch deck we share with you where the smart lighting market is moving and what the possibilities are.

We strive to grow into this market opportunity and be one of the key players. For that reason we’re open to investor talks. Take a look at our pitch deck and be part of the digitalisation of light.

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Tomas Baran
Tomas Baran CEO & Founder of Goldee. “Our intention is to forever change how we interact with light, and how light interacts with us.”